Mwanza International School is an international school following the British (Cambridge) curriculum in the English language. The school opened in September 2012 and has been growing continuously.

Now that our primary is well established, we have introduced secondary classes with Year 7 in August 2021. We will add an older class each year up to Year 11. The first IGCSE exams will be administered in June 2026.

Mwanza International School is a non-profit-making organisation. Any surplus in the budget is reinvested in school facilities.

The Education Directors: Ruth and Barry Clement have a long history in international education having both been heads of schools in UK, Cyprus and Tanzania, including a previous major development in Mwanza.

The Headmaster is Barry Kennedy, an experienced school head with over 15 years’ experience in school leadership. The school recruits teachers from across the world. All teachers are qualified and experienced in the British curriculum. In our recruitment we look especially for teachers with a high level of commitment.